RINO Alert: Maryland Gov's botched COVID response cost taxpayers MILLIONS | Kimberly Klacik explains

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Over the weekend, President Trump called out Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for being a RINO — a Republican In Name Only.” I'm thrilled that President Trump called him out for this, particularly because of the disastrous deal the governor made with South Korean leaders.

In the summer, Governor Hogan said that President Trump was doing a terrible job at handling the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hogan said that we weren't getting enough tests here in America, so he arranged a deal to purchase more tests from South Korea. 

The problem with Hogan's statement is that it's a total lie. We did have enough COVID tests in the United States. 

However, Governor Hogan got on the phone and said we needed to buy 500,000 COVID tests for Maryland. It just so happens that the governor's wife Yumi, who was at the head of the deal, is of Korean descent. The purchase cost taxpayers nearly $9.5 million.

The buy brought the governor a ton of positive press. Except there was one problem: the tests sat unused in a warehouse. Why? Because they were all flawed. Instead of the governor admitting he'd wasted that money, he kept it hush-hush.

And what was his next move? He and his wife went back to the same Korean dealer, and asked for more tests. And he spent another $2.5 million in the process.

This time around there wasn't the fanfare. Governor Hogan even went out of his way to ask people not to take pictures upon the arrival of the tests, all because he didn't want to look like he failed.

Media and Maryland Democrats ran stories about it, and it's something I even agree with them on. It was a terrible deal for all of us taxpayers.

But wouldn't you know it? The governor's wife won an award in South Korea for a job well done. And this why I say that Governor Hogan is strictly a Republican In Name Only.

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