School threatens mask-exempt father with Trespass charge for picking up his kids

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Chris Hopps has an exemption from wearing masks. And that is a big problem when it comes to dropping off and picking up his sons at Glen Street Public School in Oshawa, Ont.

Indeed, Chris is now considered parent non grata by the elementary school’s principal, Michelle Carter.

In late February, Chris was actually sent a letter warning that should he ever step foot on school property sans mask, the Durham Regional Police will be called, and he will be charged with trespassing!

As Principal Carter noted:

Under the provisions of the Education Act, the Principal has a duty to maintain order and discipline in the school and to maintain a safe and respectful environment for staff and students.

Beginning on or about February 8, 2021, you refused to wear a mask while on property picking up and dropping off your children. Notwithstanding our discussions with you about the requirement to wear a mask on school premises, you have advised that you did not intend to wear a mask when attending at the school.

As a result, your presence on school premises is detrimental to the safety or well-being of a person or persons on school premises.

Principal Carter then went on to inform Chris that should he leave the sidewalk and step upon school property, he will be charged under the Trespass to Property Act!

We recently met up with Chris as he picked up his sons after school, and we got him to weigh in on the fact that the school and school board seem hellbent on making him a pariah for reasons based more on fear than facts.

We also reached out to staff at the school, all of whom, alas, were camera-shy when it came to coming up with any scientific explanation to justify Chris’s banishment.

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