Should Canadians support Patrick Brown as Conservative leader?

Rebel News speaks with supporters at a Patrick Brown campaign event in Brampton, Ontario.

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Well, its official: the city Brampton’s mayor, Patrick Brown, has entered the Conservative leadership race.

You know, I must give credit where credit is due, Mayor Brown was one of the only big city mayors to speak out against the lockdowns and mandates.. The only problem is, many people just simply do not know if they can trust this man to be the next prime minister of Canada.

The truth of the matter is, Patrick Brown has been known to flip-flop on issues, which causes many Canadians to question whether they can trust him.

For example, when Patrick Brown was the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario, he supported the carbon tax. Now, as he enters the federal Conservative leadership race, he recently stated he is against the carbon tax.

We have seen the mayor of Brampton with our own cameras using one of his city hockey arenas for personal use with his buddies, while at the time almost all Canadians were simply not allowed to use any facility of that kind due to lockdowns. That same instance, Brown was seen without a mask, despite it being a heavily enforced bylaw requirement wear one indoors in Brampton.

The point of me bringing these topics up is not to bash Patrick Brown, but it is to bring attention to these matters as he could potentially be the next prime minister of Canada.

It is important for these topics to be discussed as Canadians need a leader who sticks to his word and is truly there for Canadians. I was curious to see how his supporters felt about these past events, and simply what makes them support Patrick Brown as the next potential leader of the Conservative Party.

More information about Patrick Brown's leadership bid can be found on his official campaign website.

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