Sydney teen unable to sit HSC due to adverse Covid vax reaction

Pericarditis diagnosed after vaccine injury stops student from completing end of school exams due to intense chest pains

Sydney teen unable to sit HSC due to adverse Covid vax reaction
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A Sydney teenager has told radio station 2GB she was unable to sit for her HSC exams because of an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine.

Monica Eskandar said she fell sick just hours after getting her first does of the vaccine in September.

She said she was rushed by ambulance to hospital after experiencing serious chest pains.

"I said to my mum, 'There is something really wrong with my heart'," Eskandar said.

She said intense pains lasted for days. She was eventually diagnosed with pericarditis.

"One of the doctors initially told me this was all in my mind," she said. "She told me pericarditis was only common in males under 30.”

Eskandar said she had been too sick to sit her HSC exams and was given an ATAR based on her results during the year.

A leading cardiologist and host of 2GB's Healthy Living Ross Walker told radio listeners it was clear Eskandar had experienced "post-vaccine pericarditis".

But he added: "I think an important point to make is if you get COVID-19 and it does the same thing (as pericarditis), it probably is ten times worse.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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