Teacher finally cleared of discipline after 2 years of looming action from Ontario College of Teachers

Lawyers from The Democracy Fund assisted in the defence of a high school teacher accused of unacceptable behaviour by her regulator after she made mundane comments in a private Facebook group condemning critical race theory.

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It’s been a year since high school teacher Chanel Pfahl first shared with Rebel News that an investigation was being launched against her for denouncing critical race theory (CRT) and the curriculum ideation being proposed by fellow teachers in a private Facebook group.

The Ontario College of Teachers launched an investigation into Pfhal after she made an anonymous complainant uncomfortable. The allegedly radical comments she made Pfahl made were about how teachers should model kindness to everyone and should speak out against any form of discrimination that they see, including instances where it is brought on by “anti-racist” movements.

Pfahl has since been successfully represented by top litigators at The Democracy Fund (TDF), where Rebel News viewers assisted in crowdfunding her defence.

Senior litigator at TDF Mark Joseph said that TDF is pleased with the outcome in Pfahl’s case because she has no blemish on her record and her teaching licence remains intact. Joseph says that while TDF has seen an increase in regulatory bodies looking into the speech of their members, they believe such action should attract regulatory scrutiny.

In terms of freedom of expression, it should provide a cautionary tale to regulatory bodies that they cannot arbitrarily come after their members for speaking about their profession.

“It’s funny because they say we should listen to marginalized voices and I am part of the LGBT [community] and here I am saying ‘hey I have an issue with the excesses of the activism we’re seeing taking place in schools,’ and I get called a lot of names and ignored. It’s very odd, this whole thing, if you don’t go along with the ideology,” Pfahl told Rebel News in this exclusive update.

After two years of investigative scrutiny looming over her head, Pfahl received an “oral caution” as the conclusion to the investigation against her.

The decision was rendered in a two minute Zoom call warning her to be careful of her communication, and to not voice her opinion on matters related to the curriculum and politics.

“It’s too bad, especially when you see all of the teachers who are out there with their political views and they’re allowed to do so,” Pfahl said. It seems that the only certain political views are tolerated by regulators.

Phafl intends to continue exposing what’s happening in schools today in terms of ideologically and politically-motivated curriculum.

Ultimately, it’s up to parents to determine whether or not further action is appropriate.

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