'The churches had it coming': Commenters after suspicious church fires in B.C.

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Two Catholic churches on indigenous land in British Columbia were set on fire recently, in what police are deeming a “suspicious” incident. The fires occurred early Monday morning, which happened to coincide with National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid shared their reactions to this tragic occurrence. Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole tweeted his thoughts on the potential arson, only to see his comments section filled with people essentially suggesting the churches 'had it coming.'

Sheila pointed out the hypocrisy in the way these responses are treated on social media, saying:

I know that if anybody else had tweeted that about a mosque fire on Twitter, not only would you be banned from Twitter — your descendants would be banned from Twitter. Your children, and your children's children. You would never exist on Twitter and you would probably have a hate crimes investigation against you.

But because this is an arson against a Christian church, that sort of rhetoric is perfectly fine on the internet.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Find the Arsonist

$10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the criminals who are burning down Canadian churches.


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