The clock is ticking on Pastor Artur Pawlowski's freedom | Adam Soos with Ezra Levant

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Street Church Pastor Artur Pawlowski is facing the heat from Calgary police for refusing to back down in his effort to provide food and the word of God to the city's homeless population. Much like the situation with GraceLife Church, the city is putting a press on Pastor Art in a similar manner that they did to GraceLife's pastor, James Coates, which eventually culminated with Coates spending 35 days in jail.

After police obtained a secret warrant to use “any force necessary” to disrupt the Pastor Art's church, it seemed like this past weekend was setting up to be a showdown between police and protesters at the church.

Rebel News' Adam Soos was on the scene in Calgary at the church, and he joined Ezra Levant on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss how Pastor Artur's freedoms are likely in jeopardy, despite no action being taken this weekend.

Telling Ezra why he thought the government was going to bring the hammer down on Artur, Adam said:

We had our small victory for freedom, despite the large police presence, at the end of the day the sentiment was one of victory for freedom in Alberta. He [Pastor Artur] got to preach, he got in his car and he left away a free man. There was no conflicts, no incidents. So we have that short-lived victory, the government in Alberta is not one to let pastor's have victories, even if that means feeding the homeless and preaching.

So, unfortunately today we learned that he [Pastor Artur] received from Alberta Health Services a work order stipulating all of these guidelines that had to be met by May 7. Which, basically, would be the day before the next day of worship would proceed. This is similar to the work order that was received by GraceLife Church and Pastor Coates on December 17, which eventually led to the church being fenced up when the criteria were not met and Pastor Coates being arrested.

So, the sense of victory and maybe some reasonability from police the police force was very short lived.

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