Scheer wilts under CBC pressure, endorses Trudeau’s plan to raise immigration to 350K people a year

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Andrew Scheer has made it official: he now agrees with Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen — Canada should increase our immigration to an astonishing, unprecedented level of 350,000 people a year. A million more people in three years.

Not surprisingly, he gave that statement to Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster, to Trudeau’s biggest fan-girl Rosemary Barton.

Scheer avers to "experts." But there are “experts” who want less immigration and experts who want more immigration. It is the political leader’s decision to decide. That’s his job, actually.

Expert reasons for less immigration include: lowering housing costs; reducing traffic; reducing demands on hospital waiting lists; raising wages for Canadians.

By the way, the United States take about one million immigrants a year. We’re one-tenth their population, and we’re taking 350,000 a year. I can assure you, it’s not for economic purposes — it’s for political purposes.

The 350,000 a year plan by Hussen and Trudeau is not an economic plan — fewer than half of all of them would be economic immigrants. The rest would be refugees or dependent family members. So maybe one skilled worker would come — and then he’s bring his old grandma and grandpa from Pakistan, who didn’t have any economic skills, but boy they sure do look forward to receiving their Canadian pension and Canadian health care.

No-one wants that. Sorry, according to polls, six per cent of Canadians want that, almost less than the margin of error. So basically, journalists, the Liberal Party, and immigration lawyers. That’s about it.

Hey, Conservatives — if you would have known this two years ago, would you have chosen him as party leader?

Do you suddenly support open border mass migration just because Andrew Scheer doesn’t have the personal ability to say no to a CBC journalist in the heat of the moment?

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  • By David Menzies

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