“The Jews are our dogs”: Day of Rage rallies were displays of Muslim anti-Semitism

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According to police statistics, anti-Semitism and hate crimes against Jews are on the rise in Canada.  But why should we worry about this? According to BLM, Antifa, BDS, Al Quds Day and the 'Day of Rage', being anti-Semitic is the new norm. And its much easier to do this when our faces are covered with masks! 

We all know the tactics of these obnoxious groups, but something happened in Mississauga, Ontario which manifested at least one community’s “systemic racism” against another. 

On July 4, a 'Day of Rage' was held in Toronto and Mississauga, under the guise of 'No to Annexation' and I passed by just to observe hundreds of scary looking people. 

The right to protest and critique are the democratic values of free speech which we enjoy in Canada. But each time when an anti-Israel protest turns into Jew hatred, we know there is something very wrong. 

Our government, which claims there is systemic racism in Canada, should KNOW where the problem is coming from instead of making organizations rich by spending millions of dollars. 

From New York to Toronto, the 'Day of Rage' was less about annexation than it was about hatred against Jews and the extermination of the state of Israel. 

In New York there were pro-Hamas chants; In Seattle the small protest was held concurrent with a Black Lives Matter march; In Brooklyn chants of "death to Israel" and "death to America" triggered enthusiastic responses; The rally in San Diego specifically targeted buildings housing organizations such as Hillel. And right here in Mississauga, Ontario, while protesters were invited to speak to a “Canadian human rights issue” a video shows the protesters chanting: “Palestine is our country / The Jews are our dogs.” 

Let me elaborate on Motion 103 for a moment. The Member of Parliament from Mississauga-Erin Mills who floated the idea of Motion 103 did this to push the issue that there is systemic racism against Muslims and that they are a persecuted community. Yet when Muslims come out on the streets chanting hate filled and racist slogans against another community – in this case, the Jews – then Muslims are the perpetrators. 

So, which one is it? Are Muslims persecuted, or so aggressive that they come out on the streets and say Jews are dogs? 

Maybe if we all write to MP Iqra Khalid or call her she can explain further.

We should also ask Omar Alghabra, former President of the Canadian Arab Federation and current Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre where this protest was held.

Or multicultural loving Mayor of Mississauga, the Honourable Bonnie Crombie why hatred is being celebrated in Mississauga’s Celebration Square?

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