The University of Calgary is looking to hire a professor, but that person must be black

As the left-wing expresses concern for racial discrimination in 2022, all of a sudden, skin colour became a matter of job requirements at a Canadian university by their own efforts.

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The University of Calgary posted a job opening for a professor at its Haskayne School of Business. However, the position is only open to “qualified Black scholars (e.g. Black Pioneer, African, Caribbean).”

The job is open for any area of business such as Accounting, Business Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, or Strategy.

U of C says the position is part of its “Inclusive Excellence Cluster Hiring Initiative,” which it created to “advance and embed the institution’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, Indigenous engagement, and inclusive excellence.”

They further explain that the initiative was developed in accordance with Section 10.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, to address the under-representation of “equity deserving groups.”

This initiative by the university has sent many to spiral in confusion and concern. It has even gained the attention of Canadian author, psychologist and former professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson.

Peterson tweeted online in criticism: 

How black do the applicants have to be? Who tests them? Is it DNA or will casual visual observation suffice? Welcome to the new improved Canada: brought to you by your state-funded universities.

In the height of the left-wing raving about racial discrimination, all of the sudden skin colour became a matter of job requirements in a Canadian city.

I took a trip down to the campus to ask students how they feel about their schools’ attempts to manage inclusivity and racism.

Answers varied. In summary, most students believed diversity is important, although a concern was that it still promotes discrimination, but now it’s just the other way around.

Hiring people based on skin colour instead of strictly their resume seems like it goes against the efforts of fixing racism. Skin colour should not determine what privileges you get.

Canada is growing with unnecessary discrimination. We’re seeing discrimination based on skin colour and discrimination based on personal medical choices.

People are even being denied life saving organ transplants due to injection status.

Help us fight back for those unable to get their rightful medical treatments by visiting

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