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Political correctness: Theresa Tam REMOVED “China” from airport screens during COVID-19

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The Public Health Agency of Canada altered health information in Canadian airports by removing mentions of China from warnings about the coronavirus on the on-screen information offered to arriving travellers.

Once again, agency head, Theresa Tam, chose her foreign World Health Organization bosses over Canadian citizens.

The information comes from PHAC documents presented to the Health Committee in March.

A February 24 2020 “Situation Report” prepared for Tam, Health Minister Patty Hajdu and ministry officials noted they altered health information being given to arrivals to Canadian airports about the coronavirus.

“As of February 24, screen messages in the arrivals area at ten airports were updated with new language that refers generally to COVID-19 and no longer mentions China. New handouts for all travellers were also available at three airports (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). New posters for all airports, and new handouts for the remaining seven, smaller international airports will be available later this week.

CBSA reports that from January 22 to February 23, 61,826 travellers arrived directly from China’s Mainland to Canada.

Health officials removed vital health information about the virus and the hot zone it was ballooning out from for the sake of political correctness and to please Tam’s other employer, the WHO, a United Nations body that has done little else than legitimize Chinese government lies about the #coronavirus outbreak since the plague became known.

Please go to to sign our petition to fire the chief medical officer Theresa Tam.

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