What are “arrivals” from China? Trudeau government plays dumb on travel stats

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Transport Canada claims not to know what “arrivals” are in the context of travel and transport.

After President Trump began limiting flights from China at the end of January to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Trudeau waited two more months before announcing that Canada would do the same. This decision came after months of resisting public demands to close the border, and Health Minister Hajdu calling such measures ineffective.

However, Trudeau never really closed the border. It was all for show. Yesterday a flight from Beijing to Toronto’s Pearson Airport deplaned without masks or temperature screening.

How many arrivals from China have come to Canada this way since the coronavirus became known to the world?

The answer to that question would show just how ineffective Justin Trudeau’s late and fake closure of the border really is. We asked through an Access to Information request to the keepers of the records of such things at Transport Canada to:

“Provide copies of any documents showing statistics of the number of arrivals from China for the period December 2019 to present.’’

And the bureaucrats are already playing dumb (and possibly winning.) They wrote back to us because they want us to believe they don’t understand what we want:

This is further to your request received by Transport Canada on April 6, 2020, under the Access to Information Act for the following information:

We are writing this email in order to clarify: Can you please explain what you mean by the word “arrivals”?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have been working in Access to Information and have been holding the Trudeau government for nearly five years here at Rebel News. I think this is a glimpse of what is to come.

The government is going to be working very hard, not for Canadians but to protect themselves, suppressing any attempts to get credible, unvarnished information about how the Liberals handled — or mishandled — the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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