Tommy Robinson speaks out ahead of censorship trial in London

'There's no lawful basis for what they've done. They acted against the law, I was a victim of their aggression,' Robinson told Rebel News.

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Journalist Tommy Robinson spoke with Rebel News Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid today ahead of his trial at the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, UK.

Robinson is being forced to stand trial after he was violently arrested and pepper-sprayed during a pro-Israel demonstration last November. An organizer of the protest reportedly demanded to police that Robinson not attend the demonstration.

Authorities claim Robinson breached a dispersal order, although questions about the legitimacy of the order remain. Speaking about the trial, Robinson said, "I hope this doesn't even get past the halfway stage once the judge listens to the illegal behaviour of the police officers that day."

Speaking about the dispersal order, Robinson said, "It turns out that the officer that authorized the order doesn't have authorization to authorize the order."

"It also turns out that where I was standing wasn't inside their exclusion zone of where they can give the order. There's a lot that's turned out when I've sat down with my legal team that is a mockery of justice," he said.

Robinson also discussed his six-month ban from London, his capital city, as a result. 

"Hamas supporters are not banned from this city. People calling for jihad on the streets are not banned from this city. I've been banned for six months. Six months I've not been allowed to enter my capital city," he said.

Many of Robinson's supporters are questioning the political nature of the arrest and its impact on freedom of the press. Robinson's trial continues today in London as authorities go over the evidence in the trial including officer testimony and video from the demonstration.

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