Toronto-area McDonald's kicks out elderly customer for not having vax proof

Alexa Lavoie goes in search of answers after a video went viral that showed an elderly woman being refused indoor dining service after she apparently lost her proof of vaccination.

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The vaccination passport has been very recently implemented here in Ontario. This morning, a video circulated on Twitter in relation to this new discriminatory measure.

An old woman was denied access to eat in the dining room of a McDonald’s restaurant since she did not have her proof of vaccination on her. Despite the fact that this woman stated that she was vaccinated, the restaurant still refused her.

I wanted to go see for myself and chat with the staff who denied her access. I wanted to try to understand what could justify this offensive gesture. The manager didn’t appreciate my courtesy call, accusing me of illegally filming him. His attitude changed quickly, and so I failed to get the expected response.

In this new social reality, it is important to show the extent of the collateral damage that this vaccine passport will generate. This is the new reality of our ‘show me your papers’ society.

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  • By Mocha Bezirgan

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