Toronto man does all the right things when crossing the Canada/U.S. border — but still gets stung with a $6,200 fine!

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Do you have a hankering to cross the Canada-U.S. border, be it for tourism or business or anything else? Well, consider the following story as a cautionary tale of sorts.

Toronto resident Ari Kleiman recently drove across the border from Ontario to New York State. He was allowed into the United States on the basis that he was going to have an MRI.

It should be noted that Ari has received both his first and second vaccine doses.

As well, prior to going to the U.S., Ari received a COVID test to prove that he was indeed COVID-19 negative.

And get this: the duration of his trip in New York State was less than four hours. Yet, when he returned to Canada, he was nailed with a huge fine — $5,000 plus a $1,200 victim surcharge. But why?

Well, the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) guard informed Ari he needed to get an additional COVID test on the U.S. side of the border before returning — even though his Canadian test was completely valid.

Ari didn’t want to go back to the U.S., so he was slapped with a $6,200 ticket.

Of note: while driving back to his Toronto home, he even visited a Canadian hospital to get that additional COVID test. That test, too, indicated that he was COVID-19 negative.

He promptly got in touch with the CBSA to inform them of this, but they would not accept this test, for reasons that remain mysterious. And of course, he’s still on the hook for that $6,200 fine!

What an outrage: Ari is hardly the modern day version of Typhoid Mary — so why is he being treated like one? How is a $6,200 fine justified? Why does there seem to be one rule for Ari and another rule for millionaire hockey players or illegal aliens crossing into Canada at Roxham Road?

We think this is outrageous and egregious. And we have decided to make Ari Kleiman our latest Fight The Fines client.

We’re going to get a top-notch lawyer for Ari and crowdfund his legal fees. And if you would like to help, please go to and make a donation. Our thanks in advance.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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