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Since the pandemic's onset, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has continually claimed to refer to his "experts," but refused to name them, citing privacy concerns.

After increasing political pressure and questions about where The ScienceTM was coming from, the Ontario Science Table was formed in July 2020.

This acclaimed independent group, hosted by the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, evaluates and reports on the emerging evidence to inform Ontario’s pandemic response.

In this interview, I host Greg Staley from Diverge Media where we discuss his research titled, “*Follow The Money* Examining The COVID-19 Ontario Science Advisory Table – a deeper look.”

I reached out to two of the members that we discuss specifically – Kumar Murty and David Fisman and share both my questions and the response.

Greg highlights the hundreds of grants and contributions listed under Open Canada when you search COVID. He mentions the United Way receiving over $150 million in funding for “vulnerable Canadians” and notes the need for transparency and accountability.

Greg advocates for a full, line by line, cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns and subsequent grants and funding that have been paid out by the Canadian government.

Especially considering that the Dalla Lana School's Centre for Vaccine Preventable Disease lists key partners as the World Health Organization and GAVI. That’s the Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunization… which is basically just a branch of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The state-funded mainstream media would never bring you a story like this. Just as Greg said: why bite the hand that feeds? Please consider supporting our work here.


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