Toronto mosque struggles to enforce COVID restrictions, while big box stores next door are packed

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In this day and age of the Wuhan virus, are there two sets of rules when it comes to attendance for various places of worship?

A viewer recently tipped off Rebel News that a Toronto mosque seemed to be violating attendance rules by allowing more than 10 people into the mosque at any given time. Certainly, the video footage he provided indicated a lack of social distancing taking place.

So we paid a visit to this mosque on Friday to see for ourselves.

First things first: we have chosen not to identify the mosque. We don’t fancy ourselves as “COVID Karens,” ratting out any organization for going over occupancy limits or anything else having to do with the Wuhan virus. After all, we want the economy fully reopened. Why must everyone suffer — except, of course, the Walmarts and the Costcos of this world?

Having said that, the existing rules should not be enforced on an arbitrary basis. How can a barbecue restaurant be forcibly shut down, yet a place of worship can remain open, when both are allegedly breaking attendance regulations?

In fairness, a volunteer at the mosque in question told us the limit of 10 worshippers per session was being maintained (even though twice we counted more than 10 people entering the facility). He said there was only so much he could do in terms of enforcing social distancing rules, and that the mosque has published all the rules and regulations it expects its congregants to follow on its website (which is indeed the case).

Still, talk about absurdity: next door to the mosque is a supermarket. There were far more than 10 people in that store, and social distancing was nonexistent. Which begs the question: do any of the rules and regulations surrounding the Wuhan virus make any sense whatsoever? Do the authorities, for whatever reason, look upon churches, synagogues and temples as being different from mosques? If so, why so?

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  • By David Menzies


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