Toronto Raptors are back: Pro sports practice facility opens... but not golf courses?

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One rule for me; one rule for thee…

Welcome to our not-so new & improved two-tiered society when it comes to playtime in this dark day and age of the Wuhan virus.

Case in point: if you happen to be a multimillionaire National Basketball Association athlete (i.e., a Toronto Raptor) employed by a multibillion-dollar corporation (i.e., Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., which is majority owned by Bell and Rogers) then guess what: you can now shoot hoops at a swank practice facility such as the whiz-bang OVO Athletic Centre in downtown Hogtown. Isn’t that special?

But if you dare to, say, hit the links and play some golf – all the while easily maintaining social-distancing in the great outdoors – well, make sure you have your chequebook handy for that $880 fine which will surely ensue from the Pandemic Police.

What an outrageous double standard!

Then again, this measure has been approved by a premier who himself seems to be a fan of the double standard. Premier Doug Ford was recently “outed” for breaking one of his own edicts. Namely, remember how last month Premier Ford ordered Ontarians to stay home and not visit their cottages during the Easter weekend? Well, it turns out the Premier himself paid a visit to the Ford family cottage on Easter Sunday. Nice!

Yet, the question arises: how tone deaf are the authorities?

Why is it OK to take part in fun and games if you are an elite athlete but it is strictly verboten (and likely punishable by a hefty fine) if you are a member of the great unwashed masses?

Come on already! If NBA athletes are allowed to shoot hoops, then so should the rest of us. Let’s open the playgrounds already for the “little people” – or do the taxpayers not count if we haven’t signed multi-year deals with professional sports franchises?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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