Trudeau gov delays handing over docs on increasing immigration until May 2022

A recent Leger poll suggested the majority of Canadians — 63% — favour limiting immigration levels.

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How are skyrocketing immigration levels contributing to inflation, housing prices, cost of living and the ability of wages to keep up with inflation? I’d love to tell you, but if the immigration ministry has done that analysis, they are not going to hand it over to us willingly.

According to the Liberal government, their immigration plan includes welcoming 341,000 permanent residents in 2020; 351,000 in 2021; and 361,000 in 2022.

All while a medical underclass of Canadian citizens is locked inside their own country and in some cases, in their own provinces, unable to travel, and in the case of Quebec, in their own homes after dark until very recently. 

To add insult to injury, Canadians are living through near-unprecedented inflation — at almost 5 per cent — and it is set to get worse. Housing prices are up, wages are not keeping up, and the cost of everything like food and gas are rising, and to top it all off, the Liberals have slapped a carbon tax on everything in the economy. How will more people add to those pressures?

And Canadians across the political spectrum want lower immigration levels, even before the pandemic and before the outrageous inflation rates.

A recent Leger poll suggested majority of Canadians — 63% — favour limiting immigration levels. These are not people against immigration. They are people who say the targets are too high to allow for successful integration of immigrants.

So I wanted to know if the Liberals had taken any of these factors into consideration when looking at their immigration targets. Did they bother to wonder what increased immigration levels would do to the average Canadian family? And if they did, what analysis did they do? What did they find? And how did they react to those findings? Did they bury them?

We filed an access to information request into Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for these details. Instead of answers, the Ministry gave us a delay of 150 days beyond the 30 days the bureaucrats have to turn over the information. They are delaying their release of the records until May 2022.

We will appeal and we will keep digging. Someone is trying to hide something.

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