Trudeau 'interfering' in 'everything': New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs

'That is not how you build a strong nation,' Higgs asserted. 'He's segmented a lot of parts of this country unnecessarily.'

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New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has found himself at the centre of controversy over his government's stance on parental rights and opposition to the carbon tax. In an exclusive interview, Premier Higgs opened up about the challenges he's faced and the reasoning behind his decisions.

The premier began by discussing the policy defending parental rights, which sparked backlash both in the province and in other parts of the country. "We spent a lot of time working with my colleagues in the caucus and did a lot of presentations," Premier Higgs explained. "But we didn't get full alignment."

Acknowledging the debate surrounding the policy, Premier Higgs emphasized the importance of protecting children while also respecting parental involvement. "We're looking at that policy and saying that this isn't right," he stated. "How do we change it so that we're not hiding information? Then how do you actually, you know, make sure that the person, the student, is safe and so you've got to balance both. "

The premier also addressed the unexpected backlash within his own team, expressing surprise at the level of dissent. "No, I did not [expect as much backlash]," he admitted. "It certainly was challenging politically. But doing the right thing is always that way."

Shifting focus to the issue of the carbon tax, Premier Higgs defended his opposition to the federal policy, highlighting its impact on everyday expenses beyond just fuel prices. "If I'm giving back only what I'm paying at the pump, that's not enough," he argued. "I don't get a rebate on my groceries."

Premier Higgs outlined his proposal for addressing climate change, emphasizing the need for collaboration and innovation. "I'm sending [the proposal] to [Prime Minister Trudeau] in the next week," Higgs revealed. "I'm not optimistic, but if he wanted a proposal, he's getting it."

Regarding federal interference in provincial matters, Premier Higgs expressed frustration, stating, Trudeau "wants to interfere with everything." He criticized the prime minister for focusing on popularity rather than addressing substantive issues facing the country.

In conclusion, Premier Higgs called for a unified approach to addressing challenges and emphasized the importance of collaboration between provinces and the federal government.

"That is not how you build a strong nation," he asserted. "He's segmented a lot of parts of this country unnecessarily."

Premier Higgs's candid remarks shed light on the complexities of governance and the balancing act between policy decisions and public perception.

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