Trudeau uses taxpayers' funds to fight Canadian oil and gas

Environmental activist Sarah Goodman has gone from working as a foreign-funded radical to the highest office in the land, only to now be working for a company taking taxpayer handouts to fight against those same taxpayers.

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After eight-and-a-half years of Justin Trudeau in power, what was once foreign-funded, anti-Canadian-oil activism has become so normalized that we're all paying for it now.

Let me explain how.

Environmental activist Sarah Goodman has gone from foreign-funded radical, to working in the highest office in the land, to working with a well-kept Canadian government grant recipient.

From the Tides foundation, to Trudeau's Prime Minister's Office, to taker of taxpayer handouts to fight against taxpayers.

The circle of environmentalist NGO life, and, as always, the timeline tells the tale. Her government enablers were prepping her soft landing, as the rats jump off the sinking Trudeau ship.

From 2022, in the Hill Times:

PMO senior adviser Sarah Goodman, who tackled the climate action and sustainable economy files, left the office in early August.

A former CEO and founder of Treetop Strategy and ex-senior vice-president at Tides Canada, Goodman first joined the PMO as a policy adviser for the environment and climate change, fisheries and oceans, transport, and natural resources in 2017.

Tides Canada — now known as MakeWay, thanks to a well-earned negative reputation for being foreign-funded, anti-Canadian job killers, was endowed with plenty of money from large San Francisco-based environmental charities to destroy Canadian oil and gas and the jobs that come with it.

Tides was accused, quite credibly, of being the original foreign meddlers in Canadian elections helping Trudeau, long before the Chinese got the same idea.

Let's keep going, from the Hill Times story:

She was later promoted to director of policy in 2019, and was made a senior adviser to the PM at the beginning of 2020. Goodman largely worked from Vancouver during her time with the Prime Minister’s Office.

So, she leaves the PMO in August 2022 — and look at this press release about Goodman’s new gig:

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sarah Goodman will take the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective March 11, 2024.

From there, we can follow the money.

And what do we see? The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy received $35 million from the Trudeau government in December 2022 — just a few months after she left the PMO.

It's not what you know, it's who you know. And it's even better for you, in Trudeau’s Canada, if you hate Alberta.

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