“Trudeau's a climate denier too!” Greta in Vancouver attracts US Democrats, Elizabeth May


Ho-hum. Another Friday, another climate strike in Vancouver.

But this one was different: the number one climate crusader celebrity in the world right now (sorry, Al Gore), Greta Thunberg, was in town to do her “How Dare You!” schtick.

And hundreds of adoring fans were there to cheer on Saint Greta, many brandishing signs condemning pipelines and the oilsands. Funny that. After all, British Columbia leads all other provinces when it comes to dumping raw, untreated human sewage into the ocean.

Among those fans? Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who didn't appreciate my questions about her own choices of not-so-green vehicles!

But the carbon protesters, brandishing numerous products made possible thanks to the petrochemical industry, don't seem so upset about that particular environmental affront.