Trudeau’s handpicked Lieutenant Governor donated thousands to Trudeau, Notley

Trudeau’s handpicked Lieutenant Governor donated thousands to Trudeau, Notley
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Justin Trudeau replaced Alberta’s viceregal representative to Queen Elizabeth II with a longtime Liberal Party supporter, Salma Lakhani.

Lakhani not only donated $8,694.61 to Trudeau’s Liberal Party, she donated $1,015 to Rachel Notley’s NDP in the election year of 2019. A financial show of support to the fallen government and current socialist opposition calls in to question Salma Lakhani’s ability to execute her sacrosanct duties to act impartially in the name of Her Majesty the Queen.

The new appointee is being praised for happening to be the first Muslim-Canadian to hold the office in Canada. She will have the final say on all legislation passed by the Alberta Legislature, be it as trivial as traffic law to issues of generational importance like firing the RCMP or pulling out of the unfunded Canadian Pension Plan.

Many assume that the royal authority is symbolic only, however that is not the case. Lieutenant Governors have in the past simply refused to sign legislation passed by the duly elected Legislature, most notably in Alberta.

In the later half of the Great Depression, Lieutenant Governor John Bowen reserved Royal Assent to a government bill, which caused the Supreme Court of Canada to rule that the “powers of reservation and disallowance of vice-regal offices were subject to no limitation or restriction.” 

If in the unlikely event the Alberta Legislature passed articles of secession, Trudeau’s donor will be there to stop it. Being a loyal supporter of the Alberta’s Leader of the Opposition, this was the best stick Trudeau had in his arsenal to put in the spokes of Alberta’s government.

Of course the part-time Alberta Senator, full-time Trudeau fan-girl Paula Simons is already ecstatically welcoming her comrade into the ranks of Laurentian collaborators.

If any police officer gives you trouble in Alberta for celebrating Canada day, feel free to whip out Section 2(c) of the constitution and this article, to tell them you are out barbecuing in protest of Ottawa’s colonial appointment to Edmonton.

Lakhani was officially appointed by Julie Payette on the Constitutional Advice of Justin Trudeau. Lakhani will replace Stephen Harper’s appointee, Lois Mitchell effective July 1.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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