UCP's Annual General Meeting kicks off in Alberta

United Conservative Party members spoke about policies that they were interested in hearing about from Alberta's Premier, Danielle Smith.

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This year's Annual General Meeting was held and hosted by the United Conservative Party of Alberta, on Enoch, First Nations Land.

I asked members of the United Conservative Party (UCP) which specific policies they were interested in seeing throughout the weekend, and what - if anything - were they expecting to happen regarding Alberta's recently sworn in Premier, Danielle Smith's keynote speech to take place the following day.

Conversing with some of the Civil Society associations that were present, I gained a better understanding of what policies they proposed. One stood out to me, for them to push to return parents to the necessary access to all information regarding their child's education, and educational choices, by blocking the overreach from schools, or teachers who promote controversial topics like gender theory, or even critical race theory.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

Lockdown Amnesty

Lockdowns are over in Canada, but “offences” allegedly committed during those lockdowns are still being prosecuted to this day — against truckers, against businesspeople, against churches, against Pastor Artur Pawlowski, and so many more.


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