U.K. grooming gang survivor secures ‘landmark’ legal win against rapist

A survivor from the national grooming gangs abuse scandal received £425,924 from the British High Court in a 'landmark' legal win against her rapist — who only served half his nine-year sentence.

U.K. grooming gang survivor secures ‘landmark’ legal win against rapist
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In 2020, Liz — not her real name — commenced civil proceedings against her rapist Asghar Bostan after being let down by the justice system. At the time, she believed the U.K. courts failed to punish him sufficiently.

Bostan received a nine year sentence at Sheffield Crown Court for raping Liz — who was 14 then — at a Rotherham flat for 10 weeks.

She told the court that her rapist “destroyed” her childhood and teenage years. It caused further damage to her dreams of everyday adult life.

Liz told GB News: “My rapist ruined my childhood, my chance at a career, and my chance at a normal life. I’ve carried what he did to me for 20 years, and the authorities that should have protected me have always let me down.”

The Justice Ministry apologized to Liz after moving Bostan to an open prison in 2020 without informing her. The sting only worsened after Bostan left jail in 2022 — having served only half his sentence.

Liz now feels that she has a sense of justice after the High Court awarded a massive £425,924 in damages for her abuse.

She added: “Now I finally have a sense of justice. That’s why I sued my rapist, to prove that survivors can take matters into their own hands and fight back. I was badly let down by South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Council, the courts, the prison system, and many others, but this landmark case proves that survivors can now get their justice even if the establishment fails them.”

The victim’s lawyer, Robin Tilbrook, hopes the case is an “icebreaker” for other survivors.

“We have broken the ice with this case. Hundreds of rapists have been convicted during the national grooming gangs catastrophe, and they could all now face civil litigation for the damages they have caused,” said Tilbrook.

“These survivors have been let down by every British institution sworn to protect them, from local authorities to the police, the courts and the government. But with our landmark case, we have shown that survivors can take justice into their own hands and give their rapists more of the punishment they deserve.”

Liz has since published a book about her story in Rotherham as ‘Elizabeth Harper,’ where she writes, “This case is the start of a new era for the thousands of survivors from the grooming gangs scandal...I feel at peace for the first time since I was a teenager.”

She added: “I hope that abusers still committing these crimes see these massive damages and think, ‘that could be me.’ I hope it gives them the fear of punishment the authorities haven’t delivered.”

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