Unvaxxed grandma faces deportation in Western Australia

After not seeing her family for three years due to the pandemic, the UK woman who has a medical exemption has been denied entry to Australia

Unvaxxed grandma faces deportation in Western Australia
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A grandmother with a medical exemption from the Covid vaccine and a genuine health condition has been threatened with deportation from Western Australia.

The McGowan Labor government intends to deport the woman because she is not fully-vaccinated against Covid, in line with standing federal travel regulations, despite Covid vaccines recognised internationally and by their manufacturers as being non-sterilising – in other words, fully vaccinated travellers carry Covid too, which led to isolation and quarantine requirements for all.

Western Australia has blamed federal travel requirements for the unpopular action, with a spokesperson from the Australian Border Force issuing a general comment in relation to the matter confirming that Australia has ‘strict rules’ for unvaccinated travellers that include ‘acceptable proof that you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons’.

Clair Henderson landed in Monday night with a valid medical exemption to Australia’s vaccination requirements that had been cleared in late 2021. Her exemption relates to a diagnosis of temporal arthritis that carries the risk of inflamed arteries in the head – something that Covid vaccines could make worse.

In the UK, there are no longer any travel restrictions, requirements, or discrimination between vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers. Indeed, in the past few months Australia has lagged behind our close domestic partners when it comes to restoring normality to the travel industry.

Australian Border Force refused the grandmother entry to Australia regardless and have held her since, refusing her access to her family. Western Australian Police Minister, Paul Papalia, has confirmed that the woman will be deported in accordance with federal rules.

It is the federal government’s responsibility with respect to the international borders and it is their rules that have resulted in her being deported.”

Claire Henderson flew in from the United Kingdom to visit family after been separated from them for three years due to pandemic health orders preventing travel between Australia and the rest of the world.

It might be a federal rule, but the Prime Minister announced this week that the pandemic is ‘over’. Meanwhile, countries such as the UK are dropping all restrictions.

The grandmother, who has been kept in isolation, faces deportation on Tuesday after being subjected to fingerprinting and interrogation.

The situation does not look good for Mark McGowan who, despite being fully vaccinated, is under isolation orders after another fully vaccinated family member tested positive to Covid. Meanwhile, states like New South Wales have been living – almost without restriction – for months.

UPDATE: The government has sensationally backflipped on a decision to detain and deport the woman.

News.com.au reports:

Ms Henderson’s family received the happy news that she had been granted a 12 month visa to remain in Australia. However, the grandmother will have to complete a stint in hotel quarantine before she can be reunited with her family. She is due to be released on Anzac Day.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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