UPDATE: Radisson Toronto East rejects settlement offer for assault on Rebel reporters. We’re heading to court.

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Regular viewers of this space might recall how my cameraman, Efron, and I, were assaulted at the Radisson Toronto East last month by a hotel manager.

It’s not the first time a Rebel reporter has been used as a punching bag. My colleagues Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte have also been roughed-up.

For whatever reason, some people feel entitled to break the law and let their hands do the talking when it comes to Rebel reporters out in the field.

After viewing the Radisson Hotel assault we posted on February 7th, many of you urged us to press charges and sue. In addition to filing a police report against the handsy-hotelier, we did indeed retain legal counsel to pursue a civil suit against them.

The hotel was recently served with the lawsuit, and has until March 13th to file a defence.

But in the meantime, we reached out to the Radisson to give them an opportunity to settle out of court, something we thought would be in everyone’s best interests.

Watch as I update you on how that went, and show you why it seems we’re going to court.

If you can help us, please do. We’ve set up a special website for all of the news about this trial at RadissonTorontoEast.com. We’ll keep you posted on everything that happens. And if you want to help us cover the costs of this litigation, please make a contribution on the website.

We’re not doing this for the money. We’re doing this out of self-respect, and to make the point: you can’t hit people you disagree with. You can’t punch a journalist. You can’t be violent. And if they need to learn that from a judge, so be it.

Please visit RadissonTorontoEast.com to learn more and help.

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