US government trains employees with “woke” seminars on Critical Race Theory

US government trains employees with “woke” seminars on Critical Race Theory

The federal government is reportedly indoctrinating employees through “woke” seminars that teach them Critical Race Theory. Trainers “enlighten” them with the concepts of “microaggressions,” “microassaults,” and “microinequities.”

This information comes from a document leak from someone in the Department of Homeland Security, provided to researcher Christopher F. Rufo.

Rufo, a contributing journalist to City Journal, had previously uncovered documents from the Seattle city government that required white employees to attend a training session called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

The training session involves learning about “micromessages,” which the material claims individuals transmit during conversation. Some of these messages are negative—those are “microinequities.” In other words, the things people say make others, especially minorities or members of marginalized groups, feel bad.

This work is a product of psychologist Derald Sue, who in his own words claims that white Americans have been “fed a curriculum based on falsehoods, unwarranted fears, and the belief in their own superiority.”

White Americans, he wrote, are “socialized into oppressor roles.”

The training, as detailed by Rufo, claims that the “‘myth of meritocracy’ is a foundational ‘microinequity’” and that it’s racist to make statements like “the most qualified person should get the job” and “everybody can succeed in this society if they work hard enough.” It’s also racist to call America the “land of opportunity.”

The guidance also takes aim at the concept of “colorblindness,” that is, the principle of treating people the same regardless of their skin color. According to this training material, judging people based on the content of their character instead of race is a “microinequality.” Worse still, if you deny such microinequities, this is called “denial of individual racism” and proof that you are racist.

“I believe that ‘critical race theory’ is an existential threat to the United States and should be abolished from our public institutions,” wrote Rufo. “Our federal agencies are designed to deliver essential public services—not serve as radical indoctrination centers.”

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