BAN BONNIE: Vancouver protesters are FED UP with B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer

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British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry gave a rare weekend update this past Saturday, November 7. It began with Henry informing the public that in a span of 24 hours, the province had seen an increase in 567 cases and one new “COVID related death,” with an additional 31 people in the ICU.

That was 22 lfewer cases than what she reported during the previous day's COVID-19 update. 

Instead of reminding British Columbians that “cases” don’t equal infections, like “Your Ontario Doctors” spelled out three times in a tweet to try and get people to understand, Dr. Henry proceeded to use the new cases, and increase of three people in the ICU, as the primary justifications behind ordering drastic new COVID-19 restrictions.   

The public health order covers the entire province — except for the Central Coast Regional and District Bella Coola Valley communities — and became effective November 7, at 10:00 p.m.

Citizens are no longer allowed to havesocial gatherings of any size with anyone other than your core bubble.”

While, no scientific definition of a “core bubble” was provided, clarifications pertaining to what is no longer allowed included: inviting friends or extended family over to your household, gathering outdoors and gathering in restaurants. 

A variety of businesses were ordered to stop providing certain services, such as indoor group physical activities like yoga, or certain transportation services like limos, or party buses.

Although, the restrictions were given an end date of November 23, making the restrictions applicable for two weeks, many have lost faith in the timelines set out from unelected health advisors due to the “lets lock down for two weeks” broken promise that occurred earlier in the year.

Similar to the Victoria Freedom protest I covered last week, the protesters this past weekend saw British Columbians beginning to speak out against Dr. Bonnie Henry’s decision making, as well as her increasingly authoritarian rule.

The “Ban Bonnie” protest was hosted by a handful of freedom centred groups, including No New Normal, One Million Mom’s and Liberty Talk, and saw close to 100 protesters with similar concerns about Henry rally outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

You can watch my coverage of the protest here.

At Rebel News we bring you the other side of the story, including when it involves the less publicized concerns citizens have regarding public health officers like Dr. Bonnie Henry.

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