Victoria's auditor-general reveals shocking Commonwealth Games blowout lie

Government accused of budget misrepresentation in cancelled Commonwealth Games affair.

Victoria's auditor-general reveals shocking Commonwealth Games blowout lie
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Victoria’s auditor-general Andrew Greaves has accused the state government of misleading the public regarding the budget for the cancelled 2026 Commonwealth Games.

In a scathing report released on Wednesday, Greaves criticised the government's handling of the Games cancellation, attributing it to a lack of diligence and bureaucratic incompetence.

He emphasised the need for a thorough review to understand why essential agencies failed to provide timely and accurate advice.

Contrary to government claims of a $7 billion cost blowout, Greaves revealed that the actual costs amounted to approximately $4.9 billion, significantly lower than reported. He highlighted deficiencies in the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions' (DJSIR) business case, which failed to offer sufficient support for informed decision-making.

Furthermore, Greaves noted that the public sector's advice did not consistently meet required standards, raising concerns about adherence to administrative protocols.

The cancellation incurred a substantial cost to Victoria, totaling $589 million, with significant expenses attributed to employee and operating costs, as well as planning and delivery cases for venues and villages.

Premier Jacinta Allan, formerly responsible for Games delivery, faced criticism for her earlier assertions of "tremendous progress" despite warnings of escalating costs.

The rushed nature of the government's decision to host the Games was highlighted, with a lack of thorough analysis evident in the initial business case.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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