Warren advises Biden to bypass congress with executive orders

Warren advises Biden to bypass congress with executive orders
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in the 2020 elections, to unilaterally impose progressive reforms and bypass the US Congress.

Warren ran against Biden in the Democratic primaries and dropped out of the race before “Super Tuesday” and potentially cost her opponent, Bernie Sanders, the momentum he needed to take on Biden.

Warren argues Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris won the US election because they ran on “the most progressive economic and racial justice platform of any general election nominee ever,” she said in a Washington Post op-ed. Her views contradict those of moderates in the Democratic party who oppose the progressive wing’s “defund the police” rhetoric like Sen. Joe Manchin, who argue that the party’s far-left leanings cost them votes in swing districts.

Warren wrote that Biden and Harris “ran on explicit plans to create new union jobs in clean energy, increase Social Security benefits, expand health care, cancel billions of dollars in student-loan debt, hold law enforcement accountable, make the wealthy pay their fair share, tackle climate change and provide for universal child care.”

Despite the continued popularity of President Donald Trump and contests against the media’s declarations for Joe Biden as the president-elect, Warren says progressives seized victories in the ballots through policy change.

“Florida became the eighth state to pass a $15 minimum wage,” she wrote. “Arizona voted to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund public schools. Multiple states – red and blue – passed ballot measures to legalize marijuana. And Colorado said yes to 12 weeks of paid family leave.”

“The lesson is clear,” she added. “Bold policies to improve opportunity for all Americans are broadly popular. Voters recognize that these reforms are necessary to fix what is broken in our nation.”

Warren argues that Biden and Harris must take unilateral action as soon as he takes office by issuing executive orders that do not require approval from Congress, including the following measures:

· Cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt, giving tens of millions of Americans an immediate financial boost and helping to close the racial wealth gap. This is the single most effective executive action available to provide massive consumer-driver stimulus.

· Lower drug prices for millions by producing key drugs like insulin, naloxone, hepatitis C drugs and EpiPens at low costs using existing compulsory licensing authority that allows the federal government to bypass patents for pressing public health needs.

· Issue enforceable OSHA health and safety standards for covid-19 so giant companies don’t escape accountability for workplace conditions that expose workers to serious harm and even death.

· Raise the minimum wage for all federal contractors to $15 an hour.

· Center racial equity by building on Biden and Harris’s commitment to establish a Racial and Ethnic Disparities Task Force by collecting and reporting covid-19 data and reviewing racial disparities in pandemic funding.

· Declare the climate crisis a national emergency to start marshaling resources toward addressing this challenge.

· Restore balance and competition by prioritizing strong anti-monopoly protections and enforcement.

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