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Did you see this absolutely crazy exchange in the House of Commons between Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre and the Liberal Speaker of the House Greg Fergus?

Now Fergus is supposed to impose the rules of the House of Commons in a non-partisan way, yet he tossed out Poilievre for "unparliamentary language."

Pretty rich coming from the Liberals who call Canadians who disagree with them every name in the book. Trudeau's policies are wacko. 

And it's not just his wacko drug decriminalization policies that are leading to death and destruction, but it's his out-of-control spending that's also wacko, his censorship of the internet — wacko too. 

His carbon tax is wacko and his gun grab is wacko. Wacko policies from a wacko leader. The Liberals want to tone police their opposition in the House of Commons, who are actually for once doing the job we pay them to do — oppose Trudeau.

But the Liberals, they want to tone police you too. They don't want you calling Trudeau what he is. So be rebellious and get this incredible and fun shirt!

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