"Was it all worth it?": Ezra Levant reflects on the events that followed 9/11

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Nineteen years is a long time; long enough for a new generation of Canadians to have grown up in the world without a memory of September 11, 2001.

Thousands died that day. A seemingly impossible-to-count more have perished in the numerous events related to fallout from the response to the attack; but one question remains, now 19-years later:

Was it all worth it?

That's a question that Ezra Levant tried to answer on Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. After outlining the current state of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya — all countries impacted by events related to 9/11 in some way — Ezra came to this conclusion:

I don't know. The West had to flatten the terrorist groups attacking us —Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, other off-shoots, Muslim Brotherhood — I'm not sure if a land war and occupation was the right prescription.

Afghanistan is not like Italy or Greece with histories, and traditions and cultures of liberal democracy.

Did we think there was some Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington or Sir John A. Macdonald just waiting in the wings?

And to me the craziest part is that while we sent so many young men and women over there to die — the theory being it's better to fight the bad guys over there than at home — well, we opened up the borders to mass immigration from those very same terrorist infested countries.

Now of course, there are peaceful people fleeing from those places, [like the] Christian minority in Iraq that has almost completely fled, but neither Canada, nor America and certainly not Europe, distinguish between the wolves and the lambs.

Ezra also shared a speech he gave at Ground Zero nine years ago, talking about the impact of the events on Canada and the significance of the United States as a world leader.

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