WATCH: Video from 'overflowing' Steinbach Hospital shows empty waiting rooms

WATCH: Video from 'overflowing' Steinbach Hospital shows empty waiting rooms

Despite recent CBC reports portraying a critical situation with COVID-19 in Steinbach, Manitoba, some residents of the small community are challenging the narrative.

A November 13 CBC article wrote that Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach was completely overwhelmed, with nurses at the Centre claiming they had to triage patients in their cars in the parking lot due to a lack of space in the emergency department. 

Shortly after the article was released, residents of the community decided to visit the Centre and record the conditions for themselves, their footage alleging a dramatically different picture of the situation. 

The video shows the two walking through the hospital before visiting the emergency centre, their footage showing the room being totally empty. The woman being filmed states that there was one person waiting to be seen. 

Shortly after, the two venture from the waiting room into the parking lot. Though reported by the CBC as being a temporary triage centre for COVID patients, the outdoor area in front of the emergency entrance was also seemingly empty.

Rebel News has made efforts to reach out to the residents responsible for the video, and will update this story as more information becomes available. 


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