TRANS TAKEOVER: Five 'trans women' dominate female volleyball game

We went to a college female varsity volleyball game… and a 'sausage-fest' broke out! FIVE men, pretending to be women, were on the court. Why?

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Just when you thought transanity couldn’t get any worse…

Last Wednesday, Rebel News was tipped off that the Centennial Colts were hosting the Seneca Sting in a female volleyball contest in Toronto. But not all the players were actually biological females…

Indeed, we were stunned to find out that no fewer than FIVE men were pretending to be women (three on Seneca; two on Centennial.)

At times it was hard to watch. The men were definitely the dominant players on the court – especially when it came to spiking the ball. Indeed, our volleyball insider told us that the situation is so dire that it is no longer safe for biological women to compete.

Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous given the scourge that is cancel culture, stated the following:

“Recently, there have been two major head injuries to female volleyball athletes in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) caused by transgender men [‘transwomen.’] The first injury, on November 12, 2023, was a concussion caused by C.L. Viloria who plays the middle position for Centennial College. During a game at Centennial College vs. La Cite Collegiate, Viloria attacked the ball with heavy force and hit a La Cite volleyball player in the head.

The second injury, on January 22, 2024, was a concussion caused by a transgender woman, Franz Largadas. During a game at Seneca College vs. La Cite Collegiate, Largadas attacked the ball with heavy force and hit a La Cite player in the head. In the 2022-23 season Franz was listed on the Seneca College men’s volleyball team roster and is now on the women’s volleyball team roster this year.

In both instances the players had to be substituted off the court. Although injuries do occur in the sport, the sheer force of a man’s volleyball attack is much more powerful than one of a biological women’s force.

Currently, there are six transgender men in the OCAA. Five of which are not on any gender-affirming hormone therapy or have not had surgical gonad removal. There is no current policy in the OCAA that is listed publicly on their website about eligibility of transgender women.”

Indeed, apparently the OCAA is fine if a man identifies as a woman or a woman identifies as a man – and presumably, we all identify as lobsters… It’s “human rights” accommodation, you see. Despicable wokeness…

Almost as rotten was the fact that staffers at Centennial College were clearly trying to cover up this grotesque charade of men playing against women. Rebel News employees were continually harassed, our cameras were blocked, and at one point, security guards told us we had to leave because we were causing “a disturbance” in the stands.

It was trumped up rubbish, of course. Perhaps these security guards are aiming for a gig with the RCMP?

We held our ground and continued to observe the travesty occurring on the court. It wasn’t pretty… nor fair.

The best-of-five series eventually concluded with Seneca winning three games to one; no surprise there given that the Sting had three male players and Centennial only had two. Meaning Centennial was literally “outmanned.”

We tried to scrum Largadas and Viloria post-game, as well as the other fake female players: Ara Telan, Jess Garcia, and Jaque Ronquillo.

All of them were tight-lipped, as were their biological female teammates (don’t want to be accused of “transphobia” after all…)

And for the crime of asking insensitive questions, we were threatened by security guards that we’d be “trespassed” if we did not leave the venue immediately.

Again, much like rugby and swimming, men pretending to be women are destroying female sports although you would never know that if you got your news exclusively from the mainstream media. These taxpayer-funded stenographers wouldn’t dream of offending their trans-happy sugar daddy Justin Trudeau, so MSM outlets never cover this nonsense.

But as these gender-bending grifters continue to gut female sports, we pose the question yet again: where oh where are the feminists? Or are modern day feminists okay with misogyny in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion?

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