WHO IS THIS? Rebel News videographer assaulted at Calgary pro-lockdown rally

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I was assaulted at a pro-lockdown protest last night in Calgary. Don't worry. It wasn't bad, but it's still not right. We want to hold the woman who did it accountable, but I need your help to do it. And I've got a reward for information.

The tolerant left, I find, is over-accepting in a lot of controversies. You'd think they would be against assault.


Time and time again, Rebel News journalists and videographers are assaulted. We are targeted with verbal abuse daily in the comments and weekly in real life, but every now and then we also get a right hook or broken equipment.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw have lifted ALL restrictions regarding the circus some like to call the Wuhan virus. Personally, I'd like to say 95 per cent of Albertans are happy about this. But it’s left a lot of COVID-Karens and Kens with nothing to do!

So for 16 days, they have been protesting asking for more testing, isolating, mask mandates and in some cases — more lockdowns. One woman was screaming at counter-protesters to go to Auschwitz, so as any cameraman would, I went to film the interaction.

She hated that.

She proceeded to get all up in my social distancing bubble and eventually swiped at me and my camera. The security guard kindly pushed her hand off, and two police officers intervened and blocked her.

Even though it was not the worst that could have happened, and maybe even a bit comical, we don't stand for such behaviour. Political tension and verbal chaos is great sometimes; I personally love to see passion on both sides as it makes for great debate.

But we aren't children anymore. We can't meet behind the school and tussle, we can't break each other’s things because we are mad, and we certainly can't get violent over politics. Or in this case, medical preferences.

We are suing to set a precedent: you can't touch Rebel News, or any news, OR anyone. Tell a friend to tell a friend — you can yell and argue all you want, but we aren't letting anyone get away with assault.

If you know this women, please go to WhoIsThis.ca and we will give you $500 for a correct name.


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