Woke media identity Stan Grant steps down from cushy university role

Former Q+A host Stan Grant resigns from Monash University position after just six months, citing personal reasons and a desire to focus on his community.

Woke media identity Stan Grant steps down from cushy university role
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Former Q+A host Stan Grant has announced his resignation from Monash University's Faculty of Arts, stepping down from his role at the Constructive Institute Asia Pacific, only six months after assuming the position.

Grant, a contentious media figure known for his outspoken left-wing views, had taken on the role to lead the university's centre dedicated to media integrity after leaving his position on the ABC's Q+A panel show in May last year.

Confirming Grant's departure, Katie Stevenson, dean of Monash University's Faculty of Arts, stated:

"Grant has made the difficult decision to step down from his role... a mission he remains passionately committed to."

She further elaborated that Grant would now shift his focus towards personal matters, family, and supporting his 'community on country,' while still expressing strong support for the Constructive Institute Asia Pacific.

Grant's tenure at Monash University, which began in August, was marked by grand plans to host an event titled "Disinformation and Democracy: Why we need to fix the news," although the event was eventually canned.

Grant cited reasons such as racial abuse and dissatisfaction with the media landscape for his departure from ABC's Q+A in 2023. Following his exit, he assumed the role of Asia-Pacific director at the Constructive Institute, aiming to promote positive journalism in partnership with Monash University.

Reflecting on his career, Grant expressed his commitment to fostering understanding and dialogue.

"I want to bring that experience to understanding a world where far too often we speak across each other not to each other," he stated, pushing the 'importance of words and journalism in promoting justice and empathy.'

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  • By Avi Yemini

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