World Health Summit Day 1: An Insider's Perspective

A team of 5 Rebels continue to bring you on-the-ground reports at the World Health Summit, and we’re bringing you daily overviews as our exclusive coverage continues.

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The World Health Summit takes place every year in Berlin, Germany. Elected and unelected bureaucrats, oligarchs, scientists, and lobbyists come together to discuss health approaches for the general public.

This year, the conference is happening at the Berlin Hotel in Central District.

It appears their discussions do not include policy failures or failed pandemic response plans, which begs the question of how the World Health Organization (in conjunction with the WHS) will better inform their plans for the future.

Most people in this summit are politically involved, although not necessarily democratically elected.

The mask theatre is on full display inside the summit, where the day began with everyone masked in N95s.

Most attendees took their masks off and returned to normal breathing.

Left-wing activists breached the summit, calling on the WHS for increased action on climate change.

The fire alarm was pulled several times by demonstrators who stormed the lobby and glued their hands to the pavement and windows of the hotel entrance. The hotel entrance was glazed with glue and paper — waste of trees, indeed.

As a result, the WHS went into lockdown while German police and hotel security intervened and made arrests.

Security at the event then ramped up, and police presence increased.

Many attendees spoke to us openly without fear and reluctance but were afraid to speak out against the narrative publicly.

Suppose even the participants are masquerading around these conferences, too afraid to denounce failed policy approaches. Who can we trust to truly advocate on behalf of the people living with the result of knee-jerk reactions on a global scale?

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