Who took down our video? YouTube censors Rebel's report on Palestinian immigration to Canada


On the latest episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we covered the unprecedented censorship handed down by YouTube to one of our recent videos dealing with a foreign report stating that Canada would soon take in 100,000 Palestinians from Lebanon and Syria.

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The video was a teaser clip from one of last week's full Ezra Levant Show episodes, and cited several sources for the claim. The initial report we listed was from the Jerusalem Post which gave a translated version of a report which appeared in a Lebanese Arabic-language paper, and included a rebuttal from an unnamed government press agent stating that the report is untrue.

The short video was pulled for “violating guidelines.”

We know that The Rebel is on a Google/YouTube blacklist, but who was so hurt by the content of the video that the initial report was first sent off to YouTube demanding removal?

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