Yukon pot store granted $99,999 by Feds to create one job, “benefit Aboriginal people”

Yukon pot store granted $99,999 by Feds to create one job, “benefit Aboriginal people”
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Under a federal subsidy approved in Parliament in 2018, a cannabis shop in Carmacks, Yukon received a $99,999 grant last April.

As Blacklock's Reporter reports, the shopkeeper of The Pot Hole operating under Carmacks Hotel Ltd. had previously committed four breaches of the Yukon Liquor Act. While Yukon Liquor Corporation's Cannabis Licensing Board stated that none of the breaches committed by owner Kendell Tricker related to “serving minors,” the Carmacks Hotel Ltd.'s Pot Hole is less than 200 metres from a kindergarten.

According to the Board's decision to grant a cannabis license, the store's long term employment outlook for the town of 554 people is positive.

“The business will create an additional long term employment position with a possible 3 more employment positions in the future.”

At the time of writing, Kendell Tricker is the only employee and the shop's official website lists no job openings.

The subsidy was made available through the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program's Entrepreneurship and Business Development Fund in order to help “applicants pursue economic opportunities that benefit Aboriginal people.”

Local aboriginal groups comprising the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation include approximately 500 members and operate a drug abuse outpatient centre just across the Yukon River.

In 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained that legalizing weed is for the children:

“The first is to protect our kids. Right now we know that young people have easier access to marijuana than just about any other illicit substance. It's easier to buy a joint for a teenager than it is to buy a bottle of beer. That's not right.”

According to the Government of Yukon's Bureau of Statistics, the provincial Liberal government has fallen behind on their promise to create private sector jobs.

Now, thanks to the federal branch, Trudeau and the Liberal Party can lean on The Pot Shop in Yukon as proof that they have, in fact, created at least one job.

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