‘Canadians are MORE woke!’: Dr. James Lindsay compares cancel culture in the U.S. and Canada

'There seems to be more of a ground-level, everyday-person support for the manipulations around LGBTQ perpetration that's going on in our society,' said Dr. Lindsay. 'The states were getting tired of it.'

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was present in Calgary, Alberta, where he spoke to American author Dr. James Lindsay at an event organized by Take Back Alberta.

The event was filled with a diverse crowd of a thousand people from various backgrounds, uniting in defiance against cancel culture.

Ezra asked Dr. Lindsay what surprised him about Canada.

"There's so much more energy in Canada to fight back against woke, to fight back against tyranny than I expected to see," Lindsay said. "I'll just tell you the truth. I thought it was going to be very passive. I didn't think it's going to be anything like this. I saw Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, atheists, people of every race coming together."

Lindsay added that he's going to go home to the United States and shame Americans for not having energy that these Canadians have.

Ezra asked a question to compare Lindsay's experience with America versus Canada. "In what ways is the crisis worse here or there? Would you say that America is further down the path than we are? Because Canadians, I think, are generally more socialist and more woke. Or am I wrong?"

Lindsay answered:

No, I think that the general people here are frankly too polite, at least as far as this goes. I think it's a virtue to be polite and it's always something that's been great when I meet Canadians.

But you can't let people roll you over and that's been a problem. So the Canadians are more woke. There seems to be more kind of ground level of everyday person support for the manipulations around the LGBTQ, you know, perpetration that's going on in our society.

The states are getting tired of it, outside of maybe the West Coast. And so that's different.

We are further down the path and I think it's a zombie ideology is what I say.

I think Americans are more tired of the ideology. But like I said, the energy here in Alberta has really blown me away. So I would love to see Canada catch up, and I think it will.

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