Calgary takes a stand: Battling cancel culture with Dr. James Lindsay

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Tonight, Ezra remarks on a remarkable display of resilience against cancel culture as Calgary emerged as the battleground for a fierce intellectual showdown.

Dr. James Lindsay, a prominent conservative scholar, took center stage, dissecting the nuances of cultural Marxism and its dangerous grip on society.

The event, organized by Take Back Alberta, drew an unprecedented crowd. A thousand diverse voices, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and atheists alike, united in defiance.

Calgary, often hailed as a conservative stronghold, roared back against the forces attempting to silence them.

Lindsay's impassioned speech unveiled the insidious nature of cultural Marxism, an ideology pitting genders, races and identities against each other.

It's a battle not just for political ideologies but for the hearts and minds of our children. The crowd listened as he decoded the complexities of critical race theory and gender theory.

Yet, this gathering almost didn't happen. Cancel culture attempted to stifle the discourse, forcing the event through four different venues. But the people, steadfast and resolute, refused to yield.

This event wasn't merely a political discussion; it was a testament to the collective willpower of a community determined to protect their values and traditions.

In a world where censorship looms large, Calgary stood tall.

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