'Climate Rage' protest: Far-left activists address car culture and more in Montreal

Far-left activists participated in destructive actions, targeting cars and SUVs on the streets of Montreal during the 'Climate Rage' protest.

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The Climate Rage Week included an event on the night of September 28, known as the 'Crush Car Culture' protest.

This protest, led by far-left activists, was prominently featured on their Facebook event page, where they emphasized the government's investments in roads at the expense of public transport.

During the same week, far-left activists also criticized the recent $7 billion investment by Trudeau and Legault in a battery plant, arguing that it is not a genuinely green solution. They pointed out that electric vehicles rely on environmentally destructive mining practices and asserted that governments, landlords, and the car industry are perpetuating car dependency for their own profit.

According to these activists, they view car culture as a creation of capitalism and called for action to "Crush Car Culture" and break free from capitalist constraints.

Throughout the protest, multiple cars were vandalized, with windshields smashed, tires deflated, and paint used. Some SUV owners received fake "infraction" notices accusing them of emitting excessive CO2 and endangering human, animal, and plant life.

During the protest, most participants wore masks and chanted slogans against capitalism, colonialism, the police, and car culture. Police officers attempted to address the protesters for their safety and to maintain peace, but some protesters responded disrespectfully and dismissively.

The riot squad had to intervene during the march due to the detection of illegal activities by the police. Engaging in conversation with the protesters was difficult as they displayed aggression towards outsiders.

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