Far-left protesters block CN railway in Winnipeg for Palestine

Earlier in the week, activists sympathetic to Hamas took to blocking critical infrastructure as part of the growing escalation in protests against Israel in Canada.

 Far-left protesters block CN railway in Winnipeg for Palestine
Instagram / palsolidaritycad
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On Monday, November 20, 2023, the Manitoba faction of the nationwide network of pro-Palestinian protesters blockaded the CN railway main line in the Treaty 1 territory of Winnipeg. They carried a stitched flag featuring Canada and Israel, desecrated with accusations of genocide marked on them.

Captured from Instagram and re-shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie posted the footage online.

The young student-looking organizer led the crowd while standing on the railway, with police watching from the background. She chanted slogans in favor of Palestine and its armed group, Hamas, saying, "Gaza, Gaza, we will rise!"

They chose this location to prevent the Israeli shipping company ZIM from operating. Many people took to social media to decry the perceived hypocrisy and the polite police response to a serious disruption to the community.

Canadian freedom commentator, Kat Kanada, was among the first to strongly call for the government's response, reminiscent of when they forcefully dispersed the peaceful Trucker Convoy of 2022, protesting against Canada's stringent COVID restrictions at the time. "Blocking essential infrastructure! Will arrests be made? Will bank accounts be frozen? Unlikely," she remarked.

Rebel News' Ezra Levant echoed similar concerns, questioning when the bank accounts of the current protesters would be frozen, drawing parallels to the actions taken against the truckers and their supporters.

"If they were truckers, Trudeau would have had riot horses stomp on them, seize their bank accounts, throw them in jail for a month and put the country under martial law. But they're Hamas supporters, and so is Trudeau, so there won't be any charges," said Ezra.

Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, a revised War Measures Act meant to protect the country from disasters, justifying the action by citing the blockage of critical infrastructure by the Truckers Convoy. Anti-Israel demonstrators continue to disrupt activities across Canada, fueled by a perceived lack of law enforcement intervention.

The movement has called for a "global intifada" to pressure Western nations into forcing Israel into a ceasefire amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas, who committed the massacre on October 7, resulting in over 1200+ Israelis killed and 230+ hostages taken.

As of yesterday evening, November 21, Israel has agreed to a brokered ceasefire agreement, securing the release of 50 women and children hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

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