‘House of Commons has prohibited us from using WeChat’: Conservative MP's shocking election interference testimony

Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Sheila Gunn Reid joined Ezra to discuss her extensive coverage of the Foreign Interference Commission.

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Both Sheila Gunn Reid and Ezra Levant were watching clips from the Foreign Interference Commission, where Sheila spoke about Conservative MP Kenny Chiu.

Sheila mentioned that Kenny was a Conservative MP in British Columbia, which was one of the ridings that was targeted by the People's Republic of China.

"And what he's explaining there has been the theme of a lot of the Chinese intimidation tactics that not only Kenny Chiu testified to but also Jenny Kwan from the NDP," Sheila said, commenting on the clip.

Sheila continued: 

So what happened is that as we know in Canadian elections, how you vote isn't public. But if you voted, it is available to the party.

And what happened was, the liberal candidate won the riding with fewer votes than Kenny Chiu lost the first time around.

And what he's saying is, and he testified to it later, and so did Jenny Kwan is that Chinese voters, ethnically Chinese voters and his riding is 50% ethnically Chinese. They were so afraid of voting in an election where the conservative candidate might win, that they didn't even want their names to turn up on the voter roll.

And so that's how the liberal candidate went. It wasn't so that in his riding that that candidate or that votes were driven to the liberal because that wasn't the case.

The Chinese voters were intimidated to stay home because you could face ramifications if you had voted in an election in a riding where the conservative won…

Ezra observed that amidst the situation, there were several Chinese social media platforms, distinct from mainstream Western ones like Twitter or Facebook, such as WeChat, originating from China and primarily in Chinese language.

Despite his aversion to the term "disinformation," commonly used by Trudeau against critics, Ezra acknowledged that in this instance, it accurately depicted the Chinese government's deliberate falsehoods aimed at instilling fear among Canadian Chinese citizens about conservatism and the electoral process.

"The disinformation that targeted Kenny Chiu was because he proposed a Foreign Agents Registry and the disinformation that was floating around WeChat where a lot of this is organizing was that it would basically stifle the free speech of ethnically Chinese voters and they were being told that they would be censored in Canada because of his proposed Foreign Agents Registry," Sheila said.

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