China inquiry reveals a shroud of 'federal secrecy'

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Tonight, Ezra Levant ciphers through shocking revelations from the China inquiry, a commission into alleged foreign influence in our democratic process.

From the surprising lack of communication between security intelligence agencies and opposition parties, to the unraveling of MP Han Dong's controversial nomination meeting in 2019, it has become abundantly clear that foreign meddling is not a nothingburger.

“The government doesn’t seem to care,” testified former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu at the Commission on Foreign Interference.

A classified federal document into allegations of foreign interference found that Chinese proxies targeted Conservative candidates who supported the implementation of a foreign-agent registry.

The tenured member of Parliament introduced Bill C-282 months before the 2021 general election to try and establish the Foreign Influence Registry, but to no avail.

“You weren’t aware of any of these reports at the time?” asked Commission Counsel Matthew Ferguson. “No,” replied Chiu.

“I have been betrayed,” he added, after facing his support from Chinese Canadians plummet in the riding. Chinese state media apparently posted false reports on Chiu’s bill, claiming it would put Chinese Canadians behind bars for supporting mainland China.

In addition, Chinese agents allegedly targeted MP Han Dong’s 2019 nomination meeting which senior Liberal Party managers attended.

On Wednesday, the Commission on Foreign Interference tabled documents which claimed the presence of Liberal executives at the incumbent member of Parliament’s nomination vote.

Azam Ishmael, national director of the Liberal Party, testified he was satisfied there were no irregularities in Don Valley North. 

After Dong changed his story, the inquiry learned his campaign bused foreign students from New Oriental International College Academy in Markham, Ontario, which is not located in his riding of Don Valley North.

“I didn’t understand it as an irregularity,” Dong testified before the commission.

They reportedly faced veiled threats from Toronto's Chinese Consulate, implying their student visas would be in jeopardy and their families would face dire consequences should they not support the incumbent.

A confidential Intelligence memo disclosed Tuesday alleged the Consul helped Dong win his nomination.

“Some intelligence reporting indicated students were provided with falsified documents to allow them to vote despite not being residents of Don Valley North,” the memo reads. “The documents were provided by individuals associated with a known proxy agent.”

Joining Ezra is Rebel News chief editor Sheila Gunn Reid on her extensive coverage of the Foreign Interference Commission.

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