‘It was completely unexpected, it’s unprecedented’: Dutch political commentator on Geert Wilders’ stunning electoral victory

'Voters of the PVV have been ridiculed, demonized for years now, and the fact that so many people — one in four Dutch people — have now said, 'enough with that, we want change and we are going to vote for this party' is unheard of and I'm honestly really really happy,' said Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek joined the show to discuss Geert Wilders' historic electoral victory in the Netherlands.

Speaking about whether or not Wilders will follow through on his anti-immigration promises, Vlaardingerbroek said, "Well I think there's really no other option for Geert Wilders. This man is not joking when it comes to his opinions about this. He has security details following him around 24/7. He can't go anywhere without being protected by his bodyguards. He drives a car that is armoured."

"All of that, it's not a joke. Geert Wilders has sacrificed a lot for his views on Islam and his criticism of immigration. And so I don't think that's something that he will compromise on," added Vlaardingerbroek.

Vlaardingerbroek went on to say, "I think Geert Wilders is very much aware of the fact that the people in the Netherlands have chosen him for this particular reason. I think also the events of October 7th and how that has played out all over Europe, you have seen the protests here, people have come out in vast numbers waving Taliban flags, waving Al-Qaeda flags and I think that has woken the masses up in a way."

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