Insult to injury! Sir John A. Macdonald’s 'coffin' at Queen’s Park rat-infested!

The Ontario government has been 'thinking' about what to do with the statue of the first prime minister for four years now.

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Just when you thought the Sir John A. Macdonald statue fiasco at Toronto’s Queen’s Park could not get any worse — well, it gets worse.

Since 1894, the statue of our first prime minister was proudly displayed on the south lawn of the Ontario Legislature Building. But then came the “summer of love” of 2020 in which the statue was frequently desecrated by “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter and Antifa hooligans.

Alas, instead of throwing the book at these vandals, it was decided to shroud the Sir John statue in something that looks like a makeshift coffin. A garbage bag was placed over the PM’s head. Class.

Meanwhile, a sign on the plywood states the following:

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is a place for debate and deliberation on issues that matter in our province. Though we cannot change the history we have inherited, we can shape the history we wish to leave behind. The speaker of the Legislative Assembly is considering how the depictions of those histories in the monuments and statuary on the Assembly’s grounds can respect all of our diverse cultures and peoples.

Essentially, the powers-that-be are thinking about what to do with the statue. They’ve been “thinking” about this for four years now… behold, the speed of government.

However, the other day, we drove past the statue and noticed something a wee bit different. Namely, the garbage bag shrouding Sir. John’s head had been removed and replaced with another box — a coffin within a coffin, if you will.

What gives?

As it turns out, the Toronto Star recently reported the following:

When conservation experts opened a locked door on the hoarding to perform regular maintenance and cleaning in early December, they discovered evidence of rodents under the tarpaulin covering the statue elsewhere within the enclosure – likely from squirrels and possibly rats.

Rats?! Holy, Willard!

Speaking of rats, it should be noted that the city of Victoria, B.C., was one of the first municipalities to embrace cancel culture vis-à-vis the legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald going back to 2018. That’s when Victoria eradicated its Sir John statue.

And some six years ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford reacted with outrage, informing Victoria to ship the statue to Toronto where it would be displayed upon the north lawn of Queen’s Park.

But alas, Doug isn’t nicknamed “Flip-Flop Ford” for nothing.

That’s because the province’s top cherry cheesecake aficionado conducted yet another policy switcheroo regarding the statue controversy. Which is to say, not only is the offer to display Victoria’s Sir John statue upon the lawns of Queen’s Park off the table. But it would appear that the existing Queen’s Park Sir John statue will either always remain boarded up, or that it will ultimately be shipped off to some warehouse to linger, forever out of sight, out of mind.


In the meantime, we must ponder: which rats are more disturbing? The ones infesting the Sir John coffin? Or the humanoid variants inhabiting the Ontario legislature?

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