Rebel News asks Poilievre a question: Should non-citizens who call for violence be deported?

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Tonight, Ezra highlights his question to stalwart Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre concerning the genocidal vitriol of anti-Israel protestors who sympathize with the Hamas, the governing body of Gaza.

According to Poilievre, non-citizens in Canada found guilty of supporting terror group like Hamas should be deported. The tenured Tory official made note that foreign nationals taking advantage of Canada's student visas can no longer take Canadian generosity for granted.

There would be no need for drafting new laws he said, pointing to existing provisions in the Criminal Code in response to a question from Rebel News boss Ezra Levant.

Individuals calling for violence against an identifiable group can already be charged Poilievre pointed out, and he would "encourage law enforcement make sure those provisions are upheld for any and all people who incite — deliberately incite — violence against an identifiable group," he said.

"That has been criminalized for many years, and anyone who is convicted of that who is not a citizen should obviously not be in Canada," he said.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom, secured a significant triumph in the elections, surpassing expectations and potentially steering Dutch politics towards a more immigration-skeptical stance.

As events unfold on the global stage, the world appears to be in a state of momentous change. The rise of Wilders, along with the complex interplay of domestic and foreign factors, illustrates a turning point in the direction of human affairs.

GUESTEva Vlaardingerbroek on Geert Wilders' historic electoral victory in the Netherlands.

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