Held to ransom: Rebel News defies attempt to shut down conference

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Tonight, Ezra explains how the Liberal government's attempt to stifle freedom of the press was thwarted as Rebel News stood its ground against censorship tactics.

What started as routine preparations for the Rebel News Live event took an alarming turn when the venue operator, bound by the government's dictates, faced an ultimatum: pay exorbitant security fees or cancel the events altogether.

Despite the absence of any credible security threats, the government insisted on imposing unnecessary and unreasonable security measures, effectively holding the events hostage to their demands.

Rebel News, however, was not about to succumb to this blatant blackmail. With a firm commitment to freedom of speech and press, we refused to bend to the government's will.

The anti-cancellation clause embedded in event contracts served as a shield against arbitrary censorship, ensuring that voices could not be silenced without just cause.

But the government's tactics went beyond mere intimidation. Attempts to smear Rebel News as purveyors of 'hate speech' and 'extremism' only exposed their hypocrisy.

While claiming to respect the values of free speech, they sought to suppress voices that dared to challenge their narrative.

The irony of a government minister invoking concerns about safety while simultaneously undermining fundamental freedoms was not lost on observers.

Ya'ara Saks' thinly veiled attempts to discredit Rebel News only served to highlight the government's disdain for dissenting opinions.

The government's actions mirrored those of a mafia shakedown rather than a democratic administration. By weaponizing government resources to silence political critics, they revealed an arrogant disregard for democratic principles.

GUEST: Rebel's Syd Fizzard joins the show to discuss his reporting on the ground while Calgary police removed the anti-Israel encampment on the University grounds of the city.

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